3D printing: Four Scenarios for 2030

Natasha Carolan was invited to participate in ’3D printing: Four Scenarios for 2030? a future facing scenario planning workshop considering the development of 3D printing and related social and economic implications. This was an ESRC-funded collaboration between Lancaster University (CeMoRe) and University of the West of England (CTS).

She writes in her blog about this workshop.

Human geographers, supply chain managers, materials scientists, assistive technology developers, makers, coders, hackers, product and fashion designers, economists and educationalists were among those attending which opened the debate in interesting ways.

After collectively developing an extensive timeline documenting trends in manufacturing, design, retail and supply chain since 1900,( some of which you’ll be able to see in this slideshare) four scenarios for the state of 3D printing in 2030 were presented. These scenarios where based on degrees of corporat-ization and engagement with 3D printing.  They looked something like this: (Quoted directly)

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