3D Printing For CT Scan Analysis, Space Education

Seth Horowitz is a neuroscientist and assistant research professor in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Brown University as well as a maker and a 3D printing enthusiast.

He shares this report on some ways that he has been using his 3D printer, including a new research method.

Three years ago I had an interesting problem – I needed a device for an experiment that could hold a live bat comfortably, but in such a way that it couldn’t bite or move its head around.  In the past, I’d worked with engineers who would make very complex Plexiglas, cage-like devices that worked well, but you had to have several to fit different size (and species) bats.  It could take weeks to make each one and the cost was over a thousand dollars each.

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Source: Blog.makezine.com

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