3D Printing Data: Exclusive Interview With 3D Hubs

With a phenomenal global network of over one thousand one hundred printers, 3D Hubs has stormed ahead of it’s handful of rivals to become the platform of choice for home 3DP. The printer owner then offers 3D-prints for those who are yet to buy a 3D printer for a fee of their choice. Bram de Zwart, Co-founder of 3D Hubs will speak at our 3D printing event! 

3D Printer Model DistributionThe data from this massive and rapidly growing network has been collated and processed by the 3D Hubs team into the following highly revealing graphics: a must know for consumers considering using 3D printing, home 3D printer manufacturers, 3D printer distributors and retail, home makers, the sectors media, mass media and more.

Here, 3DPI’s Shane Taylor talks to 3DHubs:

3DPI: This is fascinating data Brian. You have indeed blessed the 3D printing community with your opensource data ethos. Thanks for your time to look at the insights through some questions during this busy first data release schedule.

First off, perhaps surprisingly to many – given that Ultimaker 3D printers are greatly out-sold by the MakerBot’s more mass marketed models – that there are more Ultimakers than MakerBot 3D printers on your network. What would you suggest may be the variables behind this seeming anomaly?

Brian: Although we don’t have any figures to prove this, we expect the Ultimaker to outsell Makerbot in Europe, looking at these figures that could well be the case.

Right now most people buying a 3D printer are tinkerers, or hobbyists, so we don’t think that [user type] would influence MakerBot vs Ultimaker signups that much.

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Source: 3dprintingindustry.com

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