3D Printing app for all (VIDEO)

As 3D printing increases in education and seeps into the consciousness of this generation’s children the more apps we’ll see aimed at encouraging those little mites to make printable 3D models. Before they get onto SketchUp like those of Chenderit school many use software such as Tinkercad or Autodesk’s 123D apps, some use the Minecraft hack, Printcraft, which allows users to export models they’ve made inside the popular video games.

A new iOS app is aiming to bridge the gap between Minecraft and 3D modelling software for 3D printing. Blokify is now available for iPad and iPhone for free with in app purchases and gives children and adults alike the chance to build models perfect for 3D printing.

The app resembles Minecraft and through easy, fun and intuitive software complete with one-click wireless 3D printing. Once you’ve built your model brick-by-brick, just like Lego, you are presented with the choice of downloading the model so as you can print it off at home or order the item to be professionally printed by Blokify.

Blokify is the brainchild of maker extraordinaire Jenny Kortina, whose nom de plume is MacGyver due to her insistence on turning any old tat into something usable. One of her most inventive projects has been an arduino-based internet treat machine for her dog, you can FaceTime Chewie who is given a treat every time he comes to answer the call. … (Read more)

What is Blokify? from Blokify on Vimeo.

Source: Prsnlz.me

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