3D Printed Surfboard Fins

Roy Stuart, a New Zealand-based surfboard maker, has become one of the first in the world to create a 3D printed surfboard fin.

For two decades, Stuart has specialized in creating high-quality, handcrafted surfboards, and has a reputation for creating some of the best surfboards in the world. His latest creation, the Warp Drive BLEF foiled surfboard fin, is in line with this reputation. It is 3D printed and is lightweight, durable, and versatile – all vitally important qualities for a surfboard fin.

According to 3Ders, Stuart, who is well-known for the surfboards he makes, says that he took inspiration from the humpback whale to design the surfboard fin, which features a hollow center and surface tubercles, or BLEF (bumpy leading edge foil) – which he designed to mimic the skin of a humpback. … (Read more)


Source: 3DPrinter.net

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