3D Printed Smartwatch is Open Source for More Smarts

There are plenty of rumours about Apple’s iWatch. For instance, that it will feature a bunch of biosensing technology to monitor a wearer’s blood sugar, heart rate and physical activity. Or that it will use a slap-bracelet style wristband to evoke 90s nostalgia. Why wait for all of those fabulous features when you can build your own smart watch?

This year, the winner of Make Magazine’s Arduino Challenge, Jonathan Cook, did just that, creating a smart watch made from a microduino, a 3D-printed case, and a bunch of hardware, transistors, buttons and wires.

The watch is the product of nine months of testing and research. At the moment, it has Bluetooth LE connectivity and can tell the date and time, but Cook is in the process of adding even more functionality. Saying, “I see this first as an open source ‘pebble’ type project,” Cook is working on email, Facebook notification, twitter updates, and other connected pieces of software to make his BLE smartwatch much smarter. … (Read more)

Source: 3DPrintingIndustry.com