3D printed ‘Quake Column’ built to withstand earthquakes

One industry that hasn’t benefited immensely from the emerging technology of 3D printing is construction. Despite some innovative projects, namely from UK firm Arup who have used 3D printing to manufacture structural steel work components, the sheer size of construction elements have typically proved problematic.

Now one California-based architecture firm, Emerging Objects, are taking on the construction industry using 3D printing technology in innovative ways.

3D printing earthquake resistant bricks
Not put off by the size that construction projects demands, this firm have gone back to basics and reinvented the humble brick to create the Quake Column. This appropriately named pillar is manufactured from 3D printed bricks, made from sand using the ancient art of Incan masonry. But this is no ordinary column. … (Read more)

Source: Inside3DP.com