3D printed medical marijuana inhaler first of its kind

Tel Aviv – With the help of 3D printing, an Israeli company has developed two pocket-sized, metered medical marijuana inhalers, one for use in hospital settings, and one for use in-home.

For the past four years, a design team consisting of mechanical and electrical engineers, physicians, pharmacologists, chemists and biologists have been working together to create the Syqe Inhaler. The inhaler is the brainchild of Syqe Medical Ltd, an Israeli government backed start-up company whose goal is to “transform cannabis and other psychoactive botanicals into mainstream medical drugs.”

Because the use of medical marijuana is still relatively new, information regarding proper dosage amounts remains somewhat unknown. According to a Wall Street Journal report, one of the reasons medical marijuana continues to lack mainstream acceptance is due to doctors being unable to “fine tune” doses and rely instead on “trial and error with cannabis cigarettes, vaporizers and edibles.” … (Read more)

Source: DigitalJournal.com