3D Printed Glitch Art: When 3D Printing Fails

3D printing is constantly in the news these days and how can it not be when even NASA are stoking the flames with talk of sending a machine to the ISS so they can create replacement parts for the station. But while this Star Trek-style replication comes across as sci-fi writ real, 3D printers aren’t completely perfect just yet—at least home printers aren’t, anyway.

The process of turning computer files into physical form by melting plastic filament can have its drawbacks. Like with all digital technologies glitches can occur and sometimes that means that 3D printed head of Yoda you were so desperately after might come out looking like it’s been chewed on by rabid, mad Ewoks.

But in a way, that has its own appeal. It’s 3D printing’s own form of glitch art. Since 2011 a Flickr group has been collating these instances under The Art of 3D Print Failure. It’s a place that’s “meant as a show and tell of the prints that went wrong.” A shaming and celebration, if you will, of when 3D printing goes bad.

So take a look below at some of the WTF distortions and abstract formations of when 3D printing goes awry. And be afraid…

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Source: thecreatorsproject.vice.com


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