3D Printed Fashion: Live Catwalk Show Displays Enchanting Convergence Of Design And Tech, But Will It Go Mainstream?

Are innovations in 3D printing and wearable technology molding the fashion industry? During 3D Printshow in New York City last week, the convergence of art, fashion, design and tech hit the catwalk in a runway show reminiscent of an ultramodern dreamland.

Fashion designers ditched their needles and thread for layers of polycarbonate couture. Gymnasts tumbled down the runway in futuristic face masks followed by models in intricately detailed super pumps, haute couture headdresses, high-tech manicures and much more. While the 3D printed designs were simply enchanting, it had me wondering – would I wear these?

Like the mobile phone, it took some decades for designers to evolve what were once monstrous contraptions that made phone calls into the sleek, beautiful smartphones available today. 3D printed fashion will likely follow a similar trend, in that the technology is here, but there still is room for modification until the styles will be both aesthetically and functionally pleasing. XYZ Workshop, one of the designers featured at 3D Printshow, presented its In Bloom garment – a floral printed dress I could envision going straight from the runway to a cocktail party. The 100% 3D printed piece (via a personal desktop 3D printer) is unique in the current market because it also has an element of movement to it by using flexible PLA material. Still, many 3D printed styles available still need to undergo some fine tunings until they can be adopted by the masses. Though unlike the evolution of the mobile phone, 3D printed clothing probably won’t need three decades to tweak fashions to perfection. … (Read more)

Source: iDigitalTimes.com

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