3D Printed Eyeglasses Sort Data Based on Your Interests

Amoeba is a 3D printed eyeglass that understands you! Amoeba works by analyzing your bio-parameters to understand your interests. The 3D printed eyeglass was designed by three students at the RCA. Sanya Rai, Florian Puech, and Carine Colle have designed the 3D eyeglass that can indicate a person’s individual interests and lead to intuitive bookmarking.

By monitoring your subconscious through parameters such as breathing rate and pupil dilation, the sensors can organize and process large amounts of data based solely on your preferences. Its creators claim that Amoeba can help you better process data.

“With increasing digital interactions, we are constantly bombarded with vast amounts of data. Going through all this data and organizing it is an arduous task. Amoeba aims to make it easier for us to intuitively process this data and presents it through a simple, interactive interface,” explained the team.

Amoeba’s sensors include a heat sensor near your mouth to monitor your breathing rate and sensors on the arm of the eyeglass to measure the electrical conductance of your skin. It also has a camera embedded into the lens to measure your pupil size. By analyzing changes in your bio-parameters, the Amoeba can analyze and judge your interests.