3D Printed Dress of Pia Hinze Features in Muuse x Vogue Awards

Pia Hinze in one of a new generation of fashion designers and last week she contacted us to introduce us to her new, and first, graduate collection — “Néobaroque”, which includes a startling but rather beautiful 3D printed dress.

Pia Hanze 3D Printed DressPia displays obvious talent and her collection is currently featured as an entry for the famous Muuse x vogue talents award. Before being nominated however, Pia spent the first two years of her fashion studies in her hometown of Munich before spending her graduation year studying in Esmod Lyon.

Pia tells me that her Néobaroque collection is “inspired by both the never ending possibilities of 3D printing technology and the opulence of baroque architecture” and combines them, seemingly effortlessly.

But that’s one of the secrets of successful 3D printing — it ‘looks’ effortless. Anyone using the tech will be more than aware that a great deal of effort is required. At the heart of Pia’s fashion collection is a fully 3D printed dress, which as she says, is a fashion statement “that reflects the aesthetics of the past without being old fashioned.”

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Source: 3dprintingindustry.com

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