3D Portal will be discussing the sense and non-sense of the 3D Market at 3D printing event

Rudo Bisschop and Wendy Heintjes will be discussing the sense and non-sense of the 3D Market during the 3D fashion, shoes and accessories session at the 3D printing event.

3D Printing EventThe 3D Market is an upcoming market which most trend watchers say will break through towards the masses within the next couple of years. 3D portal will introduce you to different 3D printers, scanners and even the Dreamoc, a holographic device which will revolutionize the way marketing has been done. If you want to learn more about the 3D market and how it will be used within the fashion branch, be sure not to miss this presentation!

About 3D portal
3D Portal does exactly what the name implies. It functions as a portal for suppliers, individuals and companies interested in the 3D market. If you want to explore the market, create a more efficient business model or use innovative technologies for new marketing campaigns, 3D portal can help you guide through the wonders of the 3D Market. Using our expertise and grand network of suppliers within the 3D market, we offer full circle advice. We also offer workshops to inform and guide new entrants to give a clear view of all the possibilities within this upcoming market.

About Rudo Bisschop

Graduated in Entrepreneurship and new business venturing. Rudo has always had a passion for small starting companies.  He began his professional career with a small IT company and just recently helped set up the leading golf course The Dutch. Now he found the perfect market in the 3D Market where he met the co-founders from 3D Portal. Together they are guiding the world through the wonders of the 3D market.

About Wendy Heintjes

Studied Fashion & Management at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and researched the possibilities and prospects of 3D printing in the Fashion Industry for her Final Thesis. She graduated in June this year and kept mesmerized of the development, applications and future prospects in 3D. She started as Fashion Assistant for the company 3D Portal that provides advice, education and implementation in the field of 3D design, 3D scanning and 3D printing.


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