3D Hubs presents at the 3D Printing Event in Madrid!

Antonio Carmona Alonso of 3DHubs presents ‘3D printing into Distributed Manufacturing’ at the 3D Printing Event in Madrid. Alonso is Community Manager of Madrid. 

The distributed manufacturing model dismisses location to find the best talent and allows for a specialist factory to fill its excess capacity reducing in transportation, embodied energy and the time from production to sale. Products manufactured in a number of small facilities distributed over a wide area can be customized with details adapted to individual needs. Outsourcing allows to make use of existing experts without permanent investment in facilities, therefore the manufacturing supply chain is made more agile. In this model, it is possible to distribute workloads across multiple suppliers, reducing risks.

About Antonio Carmona Alonso
I am an aeronautical engineer specialized in Civil Engineering applied to Aeronautical Sector,3D Design on demand, UAVs enhancement design and solutions, rapid prototyping and FDM/FFM/3D printing manufacturing processes. In addition I am an expert CAD 3D-designer, adept at CATIA V5/V6, AutoCAD and Solid Edge.

About 3D Hubs
3D Hubs is worlds largest network of 3D Printers. Enabling everyone to 3D print around the corner.

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