3D design competition facebook results and changes in submission / voting closure

Submission closes Thursday 20th October 2011, 18:00 local time (The Netherlands, Europe)
We have had several questions regarding the facebook sum total which does not add up to the amount of total votes.

The votes do indeed not add up for most entries. This is because the Facebook button shows more than just the likes, but also wall messages and comments. When we calculate the total amount of votes we just count the likes, and, purposely, forget everything else. Unfortunately Facebook does not enable us to change the buttons behavior, so we’re stuck with this (visual) inconsistency for now.

There is also a slight delay in registering the votes, this is because the totals are calculated every 10 minutes.

We expanded the submission and voting closure date till Thursday 20th October 2011, 18:00 local time (The Netherlands, Europe), because we need less time for the jury decision.

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