How 3-D Printing Will Change The Way We Play Music (VIDEO)

Sometimes it feels like we have people telling us that 3-D printing is going to change just about everything: Fashion. Health Care. Architecture. Violence. Your dinner. Now we can add one more thing to the list: Music.

A group of students at Lund University in Sweden recently became the first band to play 3-D printed musical instruments together in a live setting. The headline-grabbing stunt–together with other music-oriented 3-D printing projects–alludes to the future of how musical instruments are designed and played.

“I initially started the project just to see if it could be done, and started to blog about it on my website,” says Olaf Diegel, the Lund professor who spearheaded the instrument-printing project. “But a lot of musicians contacted me and said they liked the idea so I turned it into a little spin-off business.” … (Read more)