3-D Printer ‘Mink’ Gives Makeup Enthusiasts Convenient Ways to Create Cosmetic Colors (VIDEO)

A new use for 3D printing could change the face of the beauty industry. The Mink is designed to take any color you can find on the Internet and turn it into wearable eye shadow or blush. Grace Choi demonstrated her revolutionary device, which will be priced at $300.

Harvard Business School graduate Grace Choi has invented a device that lets you print real, wearable makeup in the color of your choosing, right in your own home. “The Mink enables the web to become the biggest beauty store in the world,” Choi said during her product demonstration at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2014 conference.

Finding the right color of eye shadow or lipstick can be frustrating and expensive, Choi said. Places like Walmart and Walgreens only stock the reds and pinks that they know people will buy, while specialty stores like Sephora sell the bolder colors for a higher price. … (Read more)

Source: NYDailyNews.com