3-D Printed Meat by the start-up Modern Meadow

with Peter Thiel’s Breakout Labs investing a six-figure seed investment
The legendary VC’s investment means factory-assembled, cruelty-free, 100% natural-feeling leather may be coming as soon as next year. After that: Get ready for your first test-tube steak.

A world of animal-free animal products would be better for our carbon footprint and our rainforests, make us safe from drug-resistant bacteria and pink slime. Vegan meat is, improbably, a hot topic in Silicon Valley lately; Twitter’s co-founders recently made a large investment in a vegetable product that tastes impossibly close to real meat. While their investment whips chickeny goodness out of shredded plant proteins, a company called Modern Meadow is taking things a step wilder, culturing and then bioprinting ultralifelike meat and leather products directly from real animal cells. The company, which emerged from Singularity University’s incubator, today announced a six-figure seed investment from Peter Thiel’s Breakout Labs, dedicated to supporting early stage science, putting lab-printed meat that much closer to your hungry mouth.

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Source: fastcoexist.com

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