25 October Seminar 3D Printing and the consumer: at Home and at School

This seminar will discuss the aspects of 3D printing and the consumer in the context of home and school

3D Printing Eventat Home: The 3D printing at home market is still in its infancy. The majority of the current 3D print at home users are ‘technofreaks’ who enjoy being an innovator. But what has to happen to bring 3D printing to the mass market? These topics will be covered in this session.

at School: The impact of the announcement of the UK Education Secretary Michael Gove that English schools will use a new “national curriculum”, which contains the exposure and basic training on the use of advanced technologies such as robotics and 3D printing, is huge. This implies each UK school (at least the public ones) will effectively be required to provide a 3D printer, associated software and training to children as young as five years old. This seminar will covers the consequences and the opportunities for schools, teachers on one hand, and for suppliers of hardware, software and content on the other hand.

Who should attend this seminar?
If you are interested in the home market, anybody involved in the future of the 3D printing at home market should attend this seminar, from hobbyist to retailer, and from hardware manufacturer to software supplier.In you are interested in the school market or if you are involved in education as teacher, manager and/or publisher, this seminar will give you an excellent insight in this exciting and new market.

An overview of the speakers and moderators

Bram de Zwart, Co-founder, 3D Hubs
Robert Vissers, Co-founder, Eccomi 3D
Jouke Verlinden, Assistant Professor, Delft University of Technology, Faculty Industrial Design Engineering
Martin Stevens, CEO, It is 3D
Erik de Bruijn, Ultimaker


Click here for more information, or here for registration (€ 65,- excl. VAT)


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