24 October Seminar 3D Printing and Industrial Additive Manufacturing

Experts from various industries are sharing their vision, requirements, experiences and insights on what is needed to take additive manufacturing from prototyping and one-offs (lab) to regular manufacturing (fab). If you are considering additive manufacturing for your products or systems, don’t miss this seminar.

3D Printing EventAdditive Industries, partner of the 3D Printing Event, invites you to the 1st edition of Additive World, a seminar on industrial additive manufacturing.In various (high tech) manufacturing markets, interest in application of 3D metal printing is growing. Unique characteristics of this innovative production technology allow for design of lightweight components, integrated subassemblies, optimization for thermal behaviour and innovation cycle time reduction.

At this seminar, Additive Industries will also officially launch its AddLab program and celebrate the grand opening of one of Europe’s largest open Additive Manufacturing facilities. In close cooperation with Brainport Industries and partners KMWE, NTS Group, Frencken Europe, Machinefabriek De Valk, Philips Innovation Services, FMI and MTA, Additive Industries will develop new industrial 3D metal printing applications.

Who should attend this seminar?
Decision makers in the industrial value chain from CTO and COO of OEMs to management of (high tech) suppliers and subcontractors, procurement management, design & engineering experts and all other professionals eager to learn what additive manufacturing has to offer and more.

An overview of speakers and moderators

Ir. Daan A.J. Kersten, CEO & Co-founder, Additive Industries
Ir. Carel Kleemans, Tata Steel Europe
Rogier R. van Beugen, Director Innovation, KLM
Ad Verbeek, CEO, DutchAero
Prof. Dr. Ir. Jean Pierre Kruth, Leuven University
Bastian Schäfer, Airbus


Click here for more information, or here for registration (€ 65,- excl. VAT)


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