23 October Seminar 3D printing and Design (Product, Interior and Architectual)

This seminar will cover all aspects how 3D printing affects product design, and what this means for designers. 

3D Printing EventThe professionals presenting have a long history and experience in this market.They will cover topics like: 

  • How will 3D printing affect the design professional design wise?
  • How will 3D printing has effect on creativity?
  • Has 3D Printing impact on the product or on the complete value chain?
  • What business models are applicable, and how will it affect your traditional business?
  • Will the product designer as a profession disappear?

Who should attend this seminar?
If you are the design professional and want to know if and how 3D printing affects your profession and or business, this seminar will give you an excellent insight.


An overview of the speakers and moderators during this session

Phil Reeves, Managing Director, Econolyst
Steve van Bennekom, Design Engineer and Co-founder, Dotscape.nl
Zjenja Doubrovski, PhD Student, Delft University of Technology
Guido Hermans, PhD student, Umeå Institute of Design


Click here for more information, or here for registration (€ 65,- excl. VAT)


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