22 October Seminar 3D Printing: Fashion, Shoes and Accessories

This seminar will cover all aspects regarding 3D printing and Fashion, Shoes and Accessories.

3D Printing EventThe people presenting have a long history and experience in this market. They will cover topics like:

  • How to start a 3D printing activitiy in this market succesfully, and what are the opportunities and threats?
  • What business models are applicable, and how will it affect your traditional business?
  • How to select partners (for design, for 3D printing, finance and logistics)?
  • Which materials can be used?
  • Etc.


Who should attend this seminar?

If you are considering to start a 3D printing business in fashion, shoes or accessories or you already are active in this market and want to know how this technology will change your business, this seminar will give you an excellent insight in this exciting and new market.


An overview of our speakers and moderators:

Lucie Huiskens, Programmacoördinator, CLICK|NextFashion
Yvonne van Zummeren, Founder, Dyvsign
Tatiana De Wée, Community Manager, Imaterialise
Flavio Signorelli Mendes, Digital Forming
Jan Verschoor, Co-founder, Suuz
Wendy Heintjes, 3DPortal
Rudo Bisschop, co-owner, 3DPortal

Click here for more information, or here for registration (€ 65,- excl. VAT)


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