2015 Is The Year To Try 3-D Printing At Home (VIDEO)

Have you considered buying a 3D printer? A major spectacle at the CES in Las Vegas for the last two years, they’re now available for as little as £300 – around the same price as the latest Xbox One or Playstation 4.

But why would you want one? There are as many reasons as you can imagine, from the intricate, flowing, 3-D-printed dress on display at the CES, to printing your own electronics.

Working with 3-D printers every day there isn’t much that surprises me any more. But this dress – 3,212 panels connected by 4,709 hinges printed in one go and designed using only a Javascript program – blows my mind. The possibilities of 3D printing seem endless – isn’t that sufficient reason to buy one?

It really is possible now to create your own products and customize them at home. At 3,000 and perhaps a day spent printing after a fairly lengthly programming and modeling process, your first 3D design will probably be a disappointment in comparison. … (read more)

Source: Science20.com