13 Universities Investing Heavily in 3D Printing

Many universities are investing more and more in 3D printing, in all its forms. Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering have both conducted pioneering research projects in additive manufacturing and bioprinting.

In fact, the Wyss Institute is holding a symposium this week on Jun 18. The Symposium and Demonstration on the Digitization of Manufacturing: 3D Printing and Innovation Policy will host representative speakers from Pirate3D Inc. as well as industry experts from Singapore to discuss innovations policies being pursued by governments to harness the power of additive manufacturing. Click here for more info.

The Cornell Creative Machines Lab conducts research across a range of additive manufacturing-related fields, such as construction prototyping and of course bioprinting.

Most famously, this lab has been mentioned for being Hod Lipson’s place of work. Lipson is robotics engineering professor at Cornell and a primary figure in the world of 3D printing who has conducted groundbreaking research. He recently co-authored a book, Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing. … (Read more)

Source: Inside3Dp.com