12 Yale students rebuild ancient Rome in gold for the Venice Biennale

Ancient Rome has always inspired people, but now 12 Yale Students and their professor have really surprised everyone with their project

They succeeded in making a 3D printed display, based on the 250 years old etchings of Piranesi, completely covered with gold leaves. Amazed by 6 etchings of ancient Rome from mapmaker and architect Giovanni Battista Piranesi, twelve students of Yale and their professor decided to bring the project to life. It looked quite impossible in the beginning, but with the help of Materialise the students were able to create a maquette with the 250 year old etchings of Piranesi.

The students first had to reinvent the etchings through three-dimensional digital modeling. Then the biggest printer, the Mammoth Stereolithography machine, printed the models. With its amazing size, measuring 1500 x 1300 x 90 mm, the project needed something extra to shine at the Biennale in Venice. So they came up with an idea: why not cover it with gold leaves? The artist Pasquale Bonfilio took the challenge to finalize the project and after two weeks of hard work it now shines like it never did before.

The whole project can be seen in the Central Pavillion of the Giardini through November 25th 2012.

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Source: i.materialise

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