10 facts on 3D printing: Understanding tech’s next big game-changer

As 3D printers are become more affordable and versatile, they are destined to disrupt multiple industries. Here’s what you need to know about this quickly accelerating technology.

The world of 3D printing is exciting. With more affordable machines, creative entrepreneurs, innovative startups, and new materials, the industry is rapidly evolving.

Since the invention of the 3D printer in 1983 by Chuck Hull of 3D Systems, companies have popped up all over the globe, attempting to make the most innovative machine. Here are 10 reasons why 3D printing matters—maybe you’ll decide the equipment is a worthy investment, or maybe you’ll just be convinced this futuristic technology will one day have a place in your business or home.

1. 3D printing is a key industry to watch in 2014
Enthusiasm is high, and so is the market for 3D printing in both consumer and enterprise space. According to Gartner research, printers under $100,000 were expected to grow almost 50 percent in 2013, and will increase 75 percent this year. Right now, enterprises are using the printers to prototype objects, but we’ll see an increasing amount used to make product designs this year. … (Read more)

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Source:  TechRepublic.com

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