CoolNerd – A New 3D Printing Marketplace

CoolNerd LLC is launching the first dedicated 3D Printing Marketplace, where consumers can purchase 3D printers, filaments, parts & accessories, cad designs, and products. It aims to take advantage of shopping engines, search engines, social networks, and video marketing to attract current and potential 3D printing consumers.

The overall goal is to give 3D printing consumers choices of products and increase revenues for sellers.

Who can sell in the marketplace?

3D printing manufacturers & resellers of printers, parts & accessories, scanners, pens, filaments, and printed products (such as toys, parts, devices, and more) 3D Printing Artist who sell 3D printed sculptures and other works of art. CAD Designers who sell STL CAD Designs to the 3D printing community.

What is the difference between CoolNerd’s marketplace vs other online marketplaces?

CoolNerd is 100% 3D printing. Non-3D printing related products are not allowed. Other online marketplaces do have 3D printing sections, however they can be small and do not always give consumers a true variety of options. The goal is to give consumers a variety of options through the platform. Consumers in the marketplace will have an opportunity to save money on future purchases by earning points and referral fees, features that other online marketplaces do not offer consumers. Consumers also have an option to ask questions to sellers, which will be public. The aim is to increase efficiency and sales. In the coming months, CoolNerd will be reaching out to manufacturers and resellers to give the marketplace a trial run. … (read more)


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