Brisbane Firm Breaks The Mould On 3D Design And Printing

Brisbane business 3D Prototyping is proving that if you can imagine it, you can create it and according to Managing Director Darrell Bennett some of us have bigger imaginations than others. “The weirdest thing we’ve been asked to print was a sex toy,” laughed Mr Bennett, who has been running 3D Prototyping for seven years.

He describes his motto as concept, design, reality and said his business is a one-stop shop for design, prototyping, scanning and plastic moulding. Mr Bennett said his clients range from engineers and manufacturers to individuals wanting a single piece made. “3D printing is making it more accessible for people to test their own prototypes,” said Mr Bennett.

However there are limitations to what people can do themselves. Mr Bennett said they often get people who have a concept but need help designing the 3D Computer Aided Design file (CAD). “You need to be able to design in CAD software, so unless you have an engineering or manufacturing background you won’t have the skills to design it,” said Mr Bennett. “That’s where we come in.”

An existing item can also be scanned to replicate or modify it. “We actually scanned the Wally Lewis Statue at Suncorp Stadium using a portable 3D scanner and were then able to print a miniaturised version,” said Mr Bennett. “Suncorp couldn’t get the original artist to create a smaller scale version, so they asked me to print one.” … (read more)


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