Wire-feed additive manufacturing might be the future of metal-based 3D printing

Of all of the areas that have seen a lot of attention in the additive manufacturing space, the use of metal in the additive manufacturing process has not seen nearly enough attention as it should be. While the ability to ‘3d print a metal object’ is more complex and costly than thermoplastic parts, the finished products are arguably much more usable and long-lasting.

Among other examples we’ve seen of metal parts that have been made through the use of additive manufacturing techniques include a titanium bicycle from Portland’s Industry design studio as well as both helicopter and airplane parts. While the production of creating these metal parts involved the use of laser sintering, a new study that was published in the Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology aims to look at another – and possibly cheaper – way of creating metal parts through the use of additive manufacturing techniques.

The research, which was carried out by faculty from the Engineering and Information Sciences section of the alliterative School of Mechanical, Materials, and Mechatronic Engineering at the University of Wollongong in New South Wales, Australia, saw the faculty proposing the use of a technique called “wire-feed advanced manufacturing technology”, which involves the use of layered metal wire to create a pre-determined three-dimensional object.  … (read more)

Source: 3Ders.com