Trinity Engineers Lead ESA Project to Fine-Tune ‘Cold Spray’ 3D Printing Technology

Engineers at Trinity College, Dublin are leading a European Space Agency (ESA) project that aims to fine-tune revolutionary ‘Cold Spray’ 3D printing technology. The €500,000, four year project intends to develop this technology which will enable the production and coating of mechanical structures with different materials.

The Cold Spray (CS) technology will be useful for normal everyday household applications, on transport vehicles and on spacecraft that are in outer space. In CS technology, powders of desired materials are accelerated at supersonic speeds and then fired onto structures through a nozzle.

Currently this technology can be used for building simple geometrical components or coatings from different types of materials including metals, polymers and composites. When compared to other 3D-printing or additive manufacturing technologies, the CS technology is estimated to allow around 1,000 times faster production. … (read more)