Spanish Company Develops Flexible Photovoltaic Solar Cells that Can Be Manufactured by 3D Printing

Spanish tech company Oxolutia has developed Solar Oxides, flexible photovoltaic solar cells that can be manufactured by 3D printing. Using conductive oxides, a non-toxic, stable, and low-cost material found abundantly in nature, the cells open up exciting new opportunities for generating low-cost solar energy.

The photovoltaic solar cells are installed on panels to absorb solar radiation for solar thermal plants. More traditional methods include using monocrystalline silicon, however given the low cost of the raw materials and 3D printing production process, Solar Oxides offer a much more competitive advantage. This technological breakthrough would be a boon to the energy sector, where there is a growing demand for environmentally friendly, stable, secure and more energy efficient systems, especially as we continue to deplete earth’s natural resources and increase carbon emissions. The affordable, 3D printing-enabled solar technology could also be used in other industries, such as transportation, medicine and tele-communications.Read more


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