SABIC Focuses on 3D Printing’s Shift to Manufacturing

Plastics leader SABIC Innovative Plastics recently announced a global initiative to help its customers take advantage of additive manufacturing (AM) and also advance 3D printing (3DP) technologies in several application areas. To assist the industry in making the critical shift from functional prototypes to end-product manufacturing, … the company is expanding its focus on application development, working at several different levels to bring together materials, design, processing, and part performance.

SABIC already has a head start. With one of the broadest portfolios available of engineering plastics, it has three 3D-printable materials also used outside of AM. ULTEM 9085 shows up widely in aerospace applications, since it meets aircraft industry and OEM-specific heat release and flame/smoke/toxicity requirements. It’s also the basis of a material sold by Stratasys for use with its 3D printers. Another SABIC material is CYCOLAC MG94 resin, an ABS used by the maker community for fused filament fabrication (FFF) 3D printing.

A third material for 3DP is the carbon fiber-reinforced plastic used to make the world’s first 3D-printed car, the Strati EV, by Local Motors and Cincinnati Inc., on display recently in SABIC’s booth at NPE 2015. That composite is LNP STAT KON AE003, in the LNP THERMOCOMP family of compounds based on ABS. … (read more)


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