New Metal AM Powder Management Software

LPW POWDERSOLVE is a fully searchable powder characterization management system that processes and analyzes data required to assess the performance of AM metal powders. The software allows users to track the changing properties of AM powders “from the virgin state through repeated use and blending.”

By quickly ordering and presenting powder characterization data, LPW POWDERSOLVE is designed to give users the ability to verify three things:

  • That powders consistently meet performance specifications
  • To accurately detect contamination or degradation
  • To ensure sufficient powder is always available to meet production requirements.

LPW Technology, a developer and supplier of metal powders for additive manufacturing, will be launching LPW POWDERSOLVE to the U.S. market at RAPID 2015. The company claims its new software enables higher efficiency and better quality control in AM.

The intent of this software is to help users develop cogent powder re-use strategies in order to reduce production costs without sacrificing the quality of finished products. … (read more)