NanoRacks, Made in Space Team Up for 3D Printing Satellites in Space (Video)

Upon the announcement of their successful experiments in 3D printing inside of a vacuum, space-printing startup Made In Space has announced a partnership that will take them even further towards the goal of in-space manufacturing. Today, the firm has made public an agreement with NanoRacks, a commercial provider of low-Earth orbit services, to 3D print satellites on-demand from the International Space Station or any other CubeSat deployment platform.

The partners are calling their new offering the Stash & Deploy service. As NanoRacks has established its own business of deploying CubeSats into low-Earth orbit, the company will be able to store standard and customer-specific satellite parts on a satellite deployment site, like the ISS. Then, with Made In Space’s on-board Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF), including the 3D printer currently aboard the ISS and future generations of the AMF with vacuum 3D printing abilities, satellite housings will be 3D printed for assembly and completion of the devices.

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Source:, Made in Space

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