Mark Leonard of Aztec Scenic Design gives new insight into creating 3D printed ceilings

While we’ve seen how 3D printing has been used to create a range of product designs for everything from consumer electronic prototypes to even bionic arms, some of the more unique applications have remained among the most memorable.  

Among others, Aztec Scenic Design has been using 3D printing to create custom interior work for high-end homes including the design, development and installation of intricate custom ceiling designs.

Led by 3D printing enthusiast Mark Leonard – who 3Ders reported on last December after he 3D printed a fully functional broom – the company has managed to create an expansive collection of decorative 3D printed patterns that have helped contribute to furthering what’s possible when a 3D printer is involved.  Leonard, along with a team of designers, artists and fabricators have combined their respective backgrounds to create a unique, effective and successful method for creating next-generation custom interiors.  Among other tools used by the team to create their designs include Autodesk’s Fusion 360 and an 8″ Makerfarm Prusa i3 3D printer. … (read more)


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