German Scientists 3D Print Lightweight Material Stronger than Steel

Innovation in the 3D printing industry is coming from all sides now, with some of the most important developments occurring in material science. The more materials we can print, the more useful the technology becomes.

What many users of the technology have discovered, though, is that 3D printing allows for the creation of unique geometries that increase the usefulness of certain materials. By printing objects with specific shapes, we can induce important physical properties in our prints.

When it comes to the strength-to-weight ratio of a material, this couldn’t be more important as researchers constantly work to make strong, yet lightweight composites for fields like the aerospace industry. This is where scientists at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany come in. Using the Nanoscribe laser lithography printer, which we’ve covered on the site before, PhD student Jens Brauer and his colleagues developed a process for 3D printing microscopic structures that are less dense than water, but stronger than steel. Bauer tells The Conversation that, “This is the first experimental proof that such materials can exist.” … (Read more)


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