ExOne Introduces Inconel Material, First Quarter Profits

In a shareholder meeting held on Monday, ExOne’s President and COO David Burns stated that the metal 3D printing firm is “exactly where we said we would be,” recording record revenues and developing new industry grade materials. 

According to Burns, the company expects to see its revenues jump from $39.5M in 2013 to $55M to $60M this year.

While ExOne’s financials seem to have them on the fast track to success, it was the firm’s introduction of its own Inconel Alloy 625 that made the biggest splash of the day. Designed for use in the aerospace, chemical and energy industries, the nickel-based alloy is oxidation and corrosion resistant and responds well to high pressure and high temperatures, making it ideal for gas turbine applications, heat exchangers and molding processes.

According to Rick Lucas, ExOne’s CTO, “Our qualification of the more than 99 percent dense Inconel alloy 625 further validates ExOne’s binder jetting technology as a cost-effective 3D printing industrial solution. Our machines provide higher volumetric output per unit of time compared with other metal 3D printing technologies, and greater flexibility for simultaneously printing multiple production parts. We believe that the ability to directly print highly dense metal components increases our competitive edge with both subtractive manufacturers and other metal 3D printing technologies.” … (Read more)

Source: Engineering.com