E-waste 3D Printer to Make Digital Fabrication More Accessible in Nairobi

Matthew Rogge began work on the RETR3D project documentation for Wevolver. The RETR3D is an e-waste 3D printer designed to make digital fabrication accessible to entrepreneurial people from third world countries.

Matthew and the RETR3D team believes that 3D printing can be as transformative in developing countries as the mobile phone — and by introducing 3D printing at a community level their goal is to create jobs through local manufacturing.

Through inventiveness and dedication, they have been able to convert the thousands of tonnes of e-waste that would otherwise end up as landfill into a potential opportunity for thousands if not millions of people.

Several weeks ago Matt was involved in a 3D printing workshop hosted by Tunapanda, where attendees built two 3D printers, created mostly from e-waste salvaged from a Nairobi dump site.

The most incredible thing about the RETR3D is the way it creates 3D printer designs based on the materials that you have access to. All you need to do input the key dimensions and RETR3D will handle all of the design changes required to make a functional printer.Read more

Source: Wevolver press release, wevolver.com

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