3D4MD Tests Solar-Powered Mobile 3D Printers

As the technology progresses, 3D printing will allow for more and more cases of on-site, on-demand manufacturing. This is particularly evident in space-based projects, such as those carried out by Made in Space. However, long before extra-planetary manufacturing, on-site manufacturing will prove useful to produce useful tools in remote areas of our own planet. That is what Dr. Julielynn Wong, founder of 3D4MD, set out to prove in her latest study, published in the Aerospace Medicine and Human Performance journal, by packing a Cube 2 3D printer in a carry-on bag, with a portable PV and battery power supply system.

Dr. Wong, who graduated from Harvard and participated in the Made in Space-NASA program for solar-powered 3D printing in space, founded 3D4MD in order to explore, assess and provide 3D printing of medical supplies where it is needed most, turning the knowledge she acquired to her own field of expertise.Read more

Source: 3dprintingindustry.com

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