3D Printing Process Simplified with Renishaw Build Processor

Renishaw and Materialise have launched what they call “the de facto standard for simplifying the 3D printing process”, the Renishaw Build Processor.

According to Renishaw, the company combined its extensive process knowledge with Materialise’s Magics software’s .stl editor and build preparation software to enhance the capabilities of the AM250 additive manufacturing system. The Build Processor is said to allow users to input an .stl file from any CAD package or to import native CAD formats directly into the Magics software. They can then edit, manipulate and heal models before orientating and adding build supports. Furthermore, the Renishaw Build Processor allows material files to be freely designed and edited before an output is created, which can be read directly by the AM250 system, Renishaw says.

The company adds that its Build Processor offers users a flexible platform. “With this highly flexible platform, the user is able to control up to 170 parameters, fully utilising Renishaw’s open source parameter ethos.Read more

Source: etmm-online.com

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