3D Printed Skull for Training Brain Surgeons (VIDEO)

Have you ever wondered how brain surgeons practice their skills? With the latest 3D technology, there is a new way to drill, slice and cut a brain with no casualties! That’s right – New Scientist brings you 3D Printed Skull from the University of Malaysia. “Feels like the real thing..”

It’s not exactly brain surgery – but it’s pretty close. An ultra-realistic 3D-printed skull that recreates the texture of different layers of tissue is allowing students to practise drilling into bone and removing a tumour.

The skull is an improvement over existing models that use a single material because it allows trainees to see, feel and even hear how each type of tissue responds. Patient-specific replicas can simulate different medical conditions, allowing students to rehearse an entire operation ahead of time. (Read more)

Source: NewScientist.com