Seminar Challenges in Business, Regulation and Law, 21 October, 13:30 – 17:00

The debate surrounding 3D printing is forcing legislators and regulators to rethink a broad range of legal issues, from patents and copyrights to liability and certification and standardisation. So how can we best achieve that laws and regulations effectively enable the unprecedented and sheer unlimited possibilities offered by 3D printing and additive manufacturing? Regulatory issues are becoming more and more of a pressing concern for companies and experts involved with 3D printing and additive manufacturing. In Europe it is clear that regulatory issues related to 3D printing will be high on the agenda of the Parliament and Commission.

But how will this affect the industry, and what does it mean for the business opportunities and challenges? This seminar will give you answers on questions around these aspects.

The following speakers will share their experience with the audience:

  • Moderator: Dimmes Doornhein, among others CTO, Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten and supervisory director Aureus Analytics
  • “Reprinting the law: paradigm shifts and concerns in supply chain, warranties, liabilities and IP”, Ernst Jan Louwers, Founding partner, attorney-at-law & entrepreneur at Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten
  • “The road towards mass adoption.” Ties Rijkers, Revelator, Revelating
  • Dr. Ludmila Striukova, Senior Lecturer, University College London.
  • “Economic Policy & Regulation for 3D Printing.” Thierry Rayna, Professor of Economics, Novancia Business School Paris.
  • Giorgio Magistrelli, 3D Printing Project Manager, CECIMO (European Association of the Machine Tool Industries)
  • “Maker versus market.” Tal Erez, Founder, fellow, Het Nieuwe Instituut
  • “Business models.” Sam Van Dormael, Business Development Manager, Materialise.

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