Altia Announces Powerful 3D Integration for Embedded Graphical User Interfaces

Altia, Incorporated announces a major step forward in its GUI innovation capabilities with the new 3D Scene Object. For companies developing embedded GUIs for automotive, medical, consumer and industrial applications, this offers a tremendous benefit – the capability to integrate beautiful and informative genuine 3D content into their displays. Continue reading “Altia Announces Powerful 3D Integration for Embedded Graphical User Interfaces”

Will 3D Printing Make Drones Part of Our Everyday Lives? (VIDEO)

When Amazon announced it would one day be using drones for rapid delivery of goods most laughed. Only a few months later that dream is looking a lot more solid, as a team from The University of Sheffield has developed and tested a drone that could be built form scratch in less than 24 hours and is so cheap that it could be used as a disposable tool for one way flight. How? With 3D printing, of course. Continue reading “Will 3D Printing Make Drones Part of Our Everyday Lives? (VIDEO)”

3D printing event, 11 seminars and workshops, dedicated to your profession

From the law to fashion, from business models to software tools, and everything in between.

The 3rd edition of the 3D printing event will contain over 11 seminars and workshops during the week, each focused on a specific profession or an application field. You can choose the topic of your profession/application field. In half-day you will learn what 3D printing means for your profession. In each seminar issues like materials, designtools, business models, do’s and dont’s will be covered. You will meet your colleagues with whom you can discuss what has been presented, and what it means for your profession/business.

The following seminars are being planned for during the week:


Every weekday two or more seminars will take place. Each seminar will exist of two sessions and one short break. The morning seminar starts at 9.00 and ends at 12.30 hrs. The afternoon seminar starts at 13.30 and ends at 17.00 hrs. An attendee can register for one or more sessions. If you want to register, please click here.