Seminar Challenges in Business, Regulation and Law, 21 October, 13:30 – 17:00

The debate surrounding 3D printing is forcing legislators and regulators to rethink a broad range of legal issues, from patents and copyrights to liability and certification and standardisation. So how can we best achieve that laws and regulations effectively enable the unprecedented and sheer unlimited possibilities offered by 3D printing and additive manufacturing? Regulatory issues are becoming more and more of a pressing concern for companies and experts involved with 3D printing and additive manufacturing. In Europe it is clear that regulatory issues related to 3D printing will be high on the agenda of the Parliament and Commission.

But how will this affect the industry, and what does it mean for the business opportunities and challenges? This seminar will give you answers on questions around these aspects.

The following speakers will share their experience with the audience:

  • Moderator: Dimmes Doornhein, among others CTO, Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten and supervisory director Aureus Analytics
  • “Reprinting the law: paradigm shifts and concerns in supply chain, warranties, liabilities and IP”, Ernst Jan Louwers, Founding partner, attorney-at-law & entrepreneur at Louwers IP|Technology Advocaten
  • “The road towards mass adoption.” Ties Rijkers, Revelator, Revelating
  • Dr. Ludmila Striukova, Senior Lecturer, University College London.
  • “Economic Policy & Regulation for 3D Printing.” Thierry Rayna, Professor of Economics, Novancia Business School Paris.
  • Giorgio Magistrelli, 3D Printing Project Manager, CECIMO (European Association of the Machine Tool Industries)
  • “Maker versus market.” Tal Erez, Founder, fellow, Het Nieuwe Instituut
  • “Business models.” Sam Van Dormael, Business Development Manager, Materialise.

For more information go to the Seminar Challenges in Business, Regulation and Law program or register here.

Program overview of the Internet of Things Event, 4 June 2013

at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands


The second edition of this international event will open with two keynote speakers: Alberto Prado, Vice President, Digital Innovation, Philips Consumer Lifestyle and Aaron Rajan, Director, Innovation & Delivery Digital Marketing Services, Unilever.

Following these two keynotes, speakers from the following organisations will speak about Internet of Things, Big Data and Internet of People:
Ericsson, Lighting Fundamentals, Orange, Designlink, Eindhoven University of Technology, Spark Design, Philips Design, Frogdesign, B3 Connect Compute AB, B3IT, Springworks, My Koots, TASS Technology Solutions, Ninja Blocks, Libelium, Notificare, OpenRemote, TNO, Syntens Innovatiecentrum, Booreiland, The Incredible Machine, Fresh Idea factory, CCI consult, Creative Innovation Works, Cisco, Connected Village Foundation, Design Academy Eindhoven, The Mobile City, University of Warwick, Breakaway Innovates, IPSO Alliance and ULE Alliance.

During the breaks you will be able to visit the exhibition, while networking with the seminar attendees. The following companies will exhibit: Aerea, Philips Innovation Services, Sigfox, Syntens, TASS Technology Solutions, The Incredible Machine and TNO. At the start-up Plaza you will find the following start-ups: Lhings, openHAB, OpenRemote, Proxible, Studio Sophisti, Swaip and VSCP.

Go to the website to get an overview of this event.

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When you are a member of BNO, IPSO alliance, OpenRemote, PIBN, ULE Alliance, Wi-Fi Alliance, ZigBee Alliance, zWave Alliance or are doing business with TNO/Syntens, you will get 25% discount on the seminar price.

Make sure you register via the registration page to get a seat.

Can David ever beat Goliath – The race to make affordable & acceptable consumer products using 3D Printing

is the keynote speach by Phil Reeves, Managing Director, Econolyst at the 3D printing Event

The full seminar program:
Keynote speach: Can David ever beat Goliath – The race to make affordable & acceptable consumer products using 3D Printing, Phil Reeves, Managing Director, Econolyst
Erik de Bruijn, co-founder, Ultimaker
The 4th dimension to 3D printing: legal challenges, Maurits Westerik, Bird & Bird

Session: New 3D Design tools can make life easier!
Crowd-sourcing and Open Engineering Uncovered, Lauri Poldre, Sales Director, GrabCAD
Made in the Future, 3D Printing & The Rise of Creative Commerce, Bart Veldhuizen, Community Manager, Shapeways

Session: Who will benefit from 3D printing: The Consumer, Retailer and/or Manufacturer?
Willy Wonka 2.0: a better chocolate factory, Natasha Carolan, PhD Researcher & Workshop Manager, Makielab & HighWire DTC
Charlotte Jansen, Program manager, Protospace

Session: Proud Moving Materials Workshop part I (in Corporation with the European Project Moving Materials)
Introduction on PROUD – codesigning Europe, Ingrid van der Wacht, Capital D
Introduction of the Moving Materials exhibition and ‘How can 3d printing, smart processing contribute to sustainable products?, Simone de Waart, Creative Director, Material Sense
How to change the world by 3D printing, Marleen Stikker, De Waag Society
Can 3D printing change attitudes?, Johanne Splat, Shapes in Play

Session 3D Printing offers new options for existing markets
Biomimicry shoe – a story of fashion and 3D printing, Marieke Ratsma, owner, Marieka Ratsma Design
3D Printing in education, Rick Companje
3D printing in regenerative medicine, Jetze Visser, PhD candidate, University Medical Center Utrecht

Session: 3D Printing: a blessing or curse for designers !?
Direct 3d printing, Joris van Tubergen, Product designer,  ProtoSpace | FabLab Utrecht, rooiejoris
The KamerMaker, Brian Peters, Architect, DUS Architects
What Will Designers Do when Everyone can be a Designer?, Matt Sinclair, Lecturer, Loughborough Design School/Creative Director, Matt Sinclair Design, Loughborough Design School

Session: Proud Moving Materials Workshop Part II (in Corporation with the European Project Moving Materials)
3D Systems and sustainability, Ilko Bosman, Freedom of Creation
How can old materials be turned into innovative designs, Jo Meesters
How the recycling factory turned Lowlands festival waste into products on the spot, Gaspard Bos & Jonas Martens, Better Future Factory
Why not print furniture and be sustainable?, Dirk van der Kooij, designer

Session: New 3D printing materials, what will they bring
3D printing and concrete, Frits Hoff, Fablab Zuid Limburg
Stone Spray Project, robot that turns soil into architecture, Petr Novikov, Anna Kulik, Inder Prakash Shergill, Co-founders, Stone Spray
Clare Cunningham, Faberdashery

If you want to attend the seminar go to registration page. Members of the LinkedIn group ‘3D printing at home‘ will get a discount.