Sam Abbott’s 3D Printed Skateboard

Sam used to love skateboarding. He still does, but pushing a board hard on parks and streets isn’t as easy as it once was, when, at his age — 31 —  “The scale needle is unfortunately pushing over 235 and rising. So, it’s not exactly easy on my wallet, which has more grown up responsibilities these days, nor on my slowly deteriorating ligaments and other body parts that are aging faster than the mental self-image I so very much cherish, forever stuck in the golden age of my early twenties.” But skating comes in all different forms and the age-factor is of course just a poor excuse to stay on the couch moaning, when people like Rodney Mullen are still innovating and ripping the streets at closer to fifty – still looking to in a great shape.  Continue reading “Sam Abbott’s 3D Printed Skateboard”