An interview with professor Franz Haas about Selective LED-based melting


His team has developed a new technology for 3D metal printing and has now applied for a patent. This new technology uses LED instead of laser sources for the additive manufacturing of metal parts and optimizes 3D metal printing in terms of construction time, metal powder consumption, equipment costs and post-processing effort.

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Gillette Files Patent to 3D Print Functional Razor Blades

Gillette was one of the earliest consumer company’s to use 3D printing technology. Unfortunately, 3D printing was incapable of prototyping functional razor cartridges, which would become deformed when exposed to hot water. For that reason, Gillette’s 3D printed prototype razor models could only be used for aesthetic development. However, a new patent indicates that Gillette has found a solution to this problem. Continue reading “Gillette Files Patent to 3D Print Functional Razor Blades”

3D printing Event, one week dedicated to your profession!

Are you also lost in the 3D printing space?

3D Printing can be deployed in so many industries, from jewellery to human tissue, and from ceramics to electronics, that the professional doesn’t know where to start.

Stop being lost and find out what 3D printing can mean for your profession!
The 3rd edition of the international 3D printing Event will contain over 14 sessions during the week, each focused on a specific profession or an application field.
You can choose the topic of your profession/application field. In half-day you will learn what 3D printing means for your profession.

In each session issues like materials, designtools, business models, do’s and dont’s will be covered.

You will meet your colleagues with whom you can discuss what has been presented, and what that means for your profession/business.

The following sessions are being organized:

If you think that you can make a valuable contribution as speaker (no sales pitch) to one of these sessions, please contact us with this form.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please contact us with this form.