Uberblox: The Lego of the 3D printer age?

As cool and wonderful as Lego is, those plastic bricks can be tricky to handle if you want to step up from mere constructive play into serious custom-built prototyping. UberBlox hopes to fill that gap. It’s a metal construction set and prototyping system with a single-connector locking mechanism and a variety of control boxes for accommodating whatever computer connection or automation needs a project might have. Continue reading “Uberblox: The Lego of the 3D printer age?”

What will LEGO do with 3D Printing?

It is the one million (actually more likely to be a few billion) dollar question: how is LEGO going to exploit the possibilities offered by 3D printing? The Danish company has always proven itself capable of reinventing itself. Even at a time when video games and interactive toys began to challenge its business, it reacted by embracing the new technologies, and, instead of suffering from the new competition, it grew exponentially through it. Continue reading “What will LEGO do with 3D Printing?”