Program overview of the Internet of Things Event, 4 June 2013

at High Tech Campus Eindhoven, The Netherlands


The second edition of this international event will open with two keynote speakers: Alberto Prado, Vice President, Digital Innovation, Philips Consumer Lifestyle and Aaron Rajan, Director, Innovation & Delivery Digital Marketing Services, Unilever.

Following these two keynotes, speakers from the following organisations will speak about Internet of Things, Big Data and Internet of People:
Ericsson, Lighting Fundamentals, Orange, Designlink, Eindhoven University of Technology, Spark Design, Philips Design, Frogdesign, B3 Connect Compute AB, B3IT, Springworks, My Koots, TASS Technology Solutions, Ninja Blocks, Libelium, Notificare, OpenRemote, TNO, Syntens Innovatiecentrum, Booreiland, The Incredible Machine, Fresh Idea factory, CCI consult, Creative Innovation Works, Cisco, Connected Village Foundation, Design Academy Eindhoven, The Mobile City, University of Warwick, Breakaway Innovates, IPSO Alliance and ULE Alliance.

During the breaks you will be able to visit the exhibition, while networking with the seminar attendees. The following companies will exhibit: Aerea, Philips Innovation Services, Sigfox, Syntens, TASS Technology Solutions, The Incredible Machine and TNO. At the start-up Plaza you will find the following start-ups: Lhings, openHAB, OpenRemote, Proxible, Studio Sophisti, Swaip and VSCP.

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When you are a member of BNO, IPSO alliance, OpenRemote, PIBN, ULE Alliance, Wi-Fi Alliance, ZigBee Alliance, zWave Alliance or are doing business with TNO/Syntens, you will get 25% discount on the seminar price.

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