Seminar 3D Design Software, crucial for engineers & designers, 21 October, 09.00 – 12.30

3D Printing / Additive manufacturing offer many new opportunities for designers and engineers. But these new technologies require other skills and other tools. Designers and engineers have been trained to design/engineer products based upon production technologies which have been around for many many years.

Now with 3d Printing / Additive Manufacturing Products can be designed without the constraints these ‘old’ production technologies have.

This seminar will focus on how engineers & designers will have to change their ‘traditional’ thinking in order to create optimal 3D designs and how 3D software tools can support that.

The following speakers will share their experience with the audience:

  • Moderator: Pieter Hermans, Matchmaker for innovators, Jakajima.
  • ‘Smart Design for Additive Manufacturing and the impact on Engineering Education’ Ricardo Abdoel, Program Manager Mechanical Engineering @ Fontys School of Engineering / Objexlab
  • ‘Advanced Distributed Manufacturing. Taavi Kikas, Co-founder and COO @ 3DPrinterOS
  • ‘The Magic of Customization’ Cecile van der Waal, co-founder @ Printr.
  • ’Sharing your 3D content online with Sketchfab’ Bart Veldhuizen, Community Manager @ Sketchfab
  • Rick Companje, Founder @ Doodle3D
  • ‘How 3D printers can change the design game’ Jesse Kirschner, Founder @ Kirschner
  • ‘Autodesk’s 3D Printing Platform: Sparking innovation.’ Hilde Sevens, Director Business Development @ Spark, Autodesk
  • ‘The 3D content creation splits’, Alexander Hermanns, Director Technology & Innovation @ &

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