SLM Solutions enters into software joint venture with CADS GmbH

Together with the Austrian software developer CADS, the SLM Solutions Group AG – a leading provider of metal-based additive manufacturing technology (3D printing) – plans to develop design software that facilitates the development of components for customers.

Henner Sch√∂neborn, SLM Solutions Management Board member for Corporate Development and Innovation, explained the project: “We have previously used the design software of a third-party provider which is, however, unable to meet the special characteristics of selective laser melting and our customer requirements to the extent required. CADS have impressed us with deep knowledge in manufacturing and solutions for the medical sector, combined with innovative ideas. We see a major opportunity in proprietary software development over the medium-term in order to better meet the design practice requirements of our customers.” Continue reading “SLM Solutions enters into software joint venture with CADS GmbH”